Medellin Coffee | For the best specialty coffees from Colombia
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We are coffee exporters based in Medellin, Colombia. It’s our mission to personally find some of the best and most interesting coffees in this Latin American country. We value the personal relationship with the producers. We work with small and medium size independent coffee producers or small groups of producers. All our coffees are sustainably produced and the farmers receive a more than fair price for their work. We have built up durable relations with some excellent farms and always are on the lookout for exceptional micro lots that we offer as specials.

We speak fluent English, Spanish, Dutch, German and a little French. We have our own warehouse with spot coffees in the Netherlands, but mostly work with the unique concept of supplying the American market with freshly harvested green coffee by air cargo straight from Medellin to Miami. From there we use terrestrial transport all over the US. So if you want an exclusive single origin lot of Colombian coffee in quantities of 5-50 sacks we can supply this for a reasonable price. Of course we can also deliver larger amounts by container to anywhere in the world.

We always supply our coffees with extensive background information and imagery.

Check out our list of current offerings or learn more about our featured new arrivals below.


Portrait Nestor Heliconia


Majordomo Hector is responsible for the daily management of finca Heliconia of the Restrepo family. This spectacular plantation just outside Ciudad Bolivar in the southwest of Antioquia was created fifteen years ago when several small fincas were joined. The old fincas are now identified as different lots. This season we have two special lots on offer: La Guadalupe and La Esmeralda. Both are extremely fruity coffees, but with a punch: a great acidity and a strong body.


Altitude: 1700-1850m

Variatal: Caturra, Colombia, Catimor

Process: Washed, 18-24h Fermentation, Partially sun dried.

Altitude: 1600-1750m

Variatal: 100% Caturra

Process: Washed, 18-24h Fermentation, shade-dried.


Edgar Realpe has been growing coffee for over 25 years, starting at a young-age working on his father’s farms. As he got older, he started buying his own lots and now counts with roughly 9 hectares. He recognizes the importance of quality as 7 of those hectares are Caturra planted on an undulating rim guaranteeing the best exposure to the strong sun. This results is a beautiful soft coffee with light citrus notes.

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Edgar Realpe
Sergio Tobon


Sergio Tobon bought his finca about 15 years ago and set himself to produce one of the best coffees of the region. His careful production methods and attention to detail and the extreme altitude of his finca all work together to generate a spectacular chocolate profile with light fruity notes.

Students of the Universidad Nacional use his finca for investigation into soil improvement, processing methods and pest control.

Altitude: 1750-2100m

Variatal: 100% Caturra

Process: Washed, 14-18h Fermentation, mechanical and sun-dried.

Altitude: 1700-2015m

Variatal: 70% Caturra 30% Castillo

Process: Washed, 14-18h Fermentation, sun-dried.


The farmers of Café Exótico de Altura produce a pricewinning coffee with light citric notes and a mild chocolaty, caramel flavor. Two of the producers reached first and third place in the cup of Antuioquia this year and another was finalist in the Cup of Excellence.

Warm winds rising up from the Cauca River valley generate a micro-climate benefitting the high altitude coffee fields of Giraldo.

Prizewinning farmer in Giraldo